Ahoy Sponsorship Mateys!

The Treasure Coast Brew Fest, the Treasure Coast’s largest beer fest, will bring together more than 2,500 guests to the beautiful outdoor Tradition Square to sample more than 300 beers from 60 breweries. In addition to craft beer tasting, guests will get to sip wine, dine al fresco food truck style, enjoy live music and play drinking-friendly games. All guests who aren’t sampling beer and wine can attend for FREE. We don’t fence in our beer fest, so all patrons who would like to stroll through the festivities are welcome.

Attendee Demographics, Psychographics and Income Overview

The craft brew attendees include a high concentration of:

  • Men 35-54 with their younger families

  • Women 21-34

  • Hispanics

The millennial craft beer drinker is active and adventurous and makes purchase decisions that are based on experiences over individual product qualities and price. They also love brands that support their community. A craft beer festival like ours that gives back to the community is an ideal event for your brand to create an experience with this desired customer. Create value, offer ways to interact digitally and you will be on your way to building a relationship with local millennials.

Fifty-three percent of craft beer drinkers have an annual income greater than $75,000. Tradition Square also naturally attracts households with higher incomes by proximity. Below is a breakdown of household income within the Tradition zip code. This zip code includes the highest concentration of households with greater disposable income in St. Lucie County.

Household income for zip code 34987. Source: Claritas.com

Household income for zip code 34987. Source: Claritas.com

There be at least 8 reasons why sponsoring the Treasure Coast Brew Fest is your fortune-filled win:

  1. Target your ideal customer: We draw a younger demographic that has higher disposable income. They are a captive audience for at least four hours highly concentrated all in one area!

  2. Create an experience with your brand: Millenials tend to make purchase decisions based on experiences over product qualities or price. Connect and engage over a fun beer-filled experience with your target audience.

  3. Generate positive brand awareness: Get your brand associated with outdoor beer-filled fun that gives back to family and the community.

  4. Gain media exposure: Ride on our curtails through our earned media!

  5. Earn thousands of event impressions: Your company’s brand will appear on promotional materials and across the web.

  6. Develop marketplace relationships: Doing business on the Treasure Coast is highly relationship dependent. Get face-to-face, strike up conversations and develop new contacts. Who knows where it will lead!

  7. Strengthen your business-to-business network: You will gain unique exposure to the beer and wine supply chain, business owners with locations in Tradition and business leaders who live in Tradition who could each become strong leads.

  8. Be visible out in the community: Active participation in the community is fantastic for building brand recognition and growing trust in your brand.



Many options available. Sponsorships start at $600. We also offer custom crafted sponsorships that match your specific needs!